No Friday Night Bible Study This Week – There will be no Friday Night Bible Study this week, September 22.  Instead, there will be a special parent/staff Meet ‘N Greet Night as explained below.  Our next Friday Night Bible Study will be on September 29.

Meet ‘N Greet Night – The Youth Ministry staff will be having a parent/staff Meet ‘N Greet Night on Friday, September 22 in lieu of our regular bible study since this was originally scheduled to be Flocks Week.  It will be held at church starting at 7:00 pm, but please feel free to stop by at any time.  Not only is this an opportunity for parents to meet the specific staff member leading their child’s small group for the year, but it’s also a time for the parents and staff to spend time in fellowship together.  There will be no formal program for the youth this evening, but they are more than welcome to come hang out around the church.

Monthly Outing/Activity – Our monthly youth outing/activity for September will be held on Saturday, September 23.  For this month, we will be having a luau at Mission Bay!  The cost will be $5 per youth. We will meet at church at 10:00 am and will tentatively plan to be back by 3:00 pm.  Please RSVP with Johnny or Hansol!

Youth Ministry Calendar – Just as a reminder, all Youth Ministry events can be found on the church calendar here: Also, as was mentioned before, we will be communicating announcements primarily via Facebook (in addition to email). If you would like to be added to the private LBCSD Youth Ministry Facebook group, please contact Hansol or Johnny.