Johnny & Mimi Kim

Describe yourself and your family (e.g. occupation, ministry, etc.).

I was born and raised in San Diego by Christian parents and attended church my entire life. I went to college in Arizona where I graduated with an aerospace engineering degree, then came back to San Diego where I have been ever since. I am married to my lovely wife Mimi and together we have two boys, Matthew and Philip. By day, I work as an aerospace engineer, but in the evenings and on the weekends, I spend my time ministering to my family and to the church. I currently serve as an elder in the church and most recently had the privilege of leading the Single Life Ministry. I became a member at Lighthouse in 2007 and ever since then, I have been continually blessed to be part of a God-fearing, Bible-believing church family.

How did God save you?

God saved me through a gradual process by which He revealed to me the truth of the Gospel through faithful Christian parents and through the church. While growing up, I had plenty of opportunities to witness my parents demonstrate what it meant to live a Christian life by the way they sacrificed for one another, our family, and by the way they served the church. In church, I had the opportunity to learn more about God and His Word through Sunday School and later on in youth group. After several youth group messages, bible studies, and retreats, it was sometime in early high school that I realized that the Holy Spirit was gradually changing my heart to desire to live for Christ. One day I just realized that I had an overwhelming desire to submit my entire life to Him. While I can’t pinpoint an exact time or moment for my conversion, it was during my time in youth group that I remember being able to feel and know the assurance and certainty of my salvation.

How did you meet Mimi?

Mimi attended the same church that I attended prior to coming to Lighthouse. Long story short, we started dating when she started college in 2005. Four years later, she received a diploma from her school and an engagement ring from me and we were married in the Fall. Today, I am constantly reminded of God’s grace through a forgiving, understanding, and sacrificial wife in Mimi. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have found a partner and best friend in her for life and for ministry.

What are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies include spending time with people, pretending to like playing sports, and eating the cheapest and most filling food I can get my hands on.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Initially, I am tempted to say that I would want the power to fly. But upon further consideration, I realize that would probably be a waste. In 20 years or so, flying cars could very well become mainstream and then I would look like a fool, flying around with my super power while everyone else around me is flying around in the comfort of their flying cars. Kind of like if you saw someone today running down the middle of the freeway in the midst of speeding cars. Anyway, I would probably just give up flying and just give in and eventually buy myself a flying car so I could finally fly around with air conditioning, heating, and cupholders. And whenever I get stuck in sky traffic, I’m sure I’ll be daydreaming and wishing I had the super power of teleportation. So yeah, never mind about flying. I would want to have the super power of teleportation.

Describe your youth ministry serving experience.

After I graduated high school and left for college, I had the opportunity during summer breaks to come back and help serve on staff for the youth ministry at my previous church. Even though it was just for the summer, I enjoyed spending the short time investing in youth and being a source of encouragement and guidance for them. After I graduated college, I was finally able to join the youth staff year round. As a single working adult with time and now money, serving in the youth ministry seemed to be a perfect fit. I enjoyed simply spending time with youth, treating them to meals, and listening to the things going on in their life. It was rewarding being able to witness youth turning their lives over to Christ and also humbling to be used by God to help them understand what it meant to submit to Christ’s lordship. In the end, it was a joy to be able to serve the same youth ministry that had been such an important instrument that God used for my own life.

What was your favorite memory/experience from your own youth group?

My favorite memory/experience from when I was in youth group were the times when I would spend all day at church together with my youth group friends. There were many Saturdays and Sundays, and even some weekdays during the summer, when we would just hang out at church from morning until evening. It seemed at the time that it really didn’t matter for us what there was to do or what event was going on at church so long as we were together. The close relationships that we shared made for much more meaningful experiences when we would hear the Gospel together, learn the Bible together, and serve on missions together.

What are you most excited for in serving in Lumos?

I am most excited to be able to come alongside parents to help shepherd and disciple their youth age children. I am excited at the prospect that I might have the chance to see up close their hearts turning away from the world and toward Christ. I am also excited to be playing even the smallest role in helping to establish and strengthen a youth ministry that God-willing my own children will be a part of someday!