Kristen Lim

kristenHi! My name is Kristen Lim and I recently graduated from UCSD with an applied mathematics major, and am now job hunting.

Hobbies: baking/eating yummy treats (my favorites being anything pumpkin or banana or cinnamon), running, playing music (flute and guitar), watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite Song: “God is God” by Steven Curtis Chapman (haha, an oldie but a goodie), which speaks of God’s bigness and holiness, and how as a human I won’t understand everything that goes on in life, but I can rest assure that God is sovereign.

Favorite Bible Passage: Psalm 46, which underscores that God is our refuge and strength and that we can take comfort knowing that since God is God, He will be glorified no matter how bleak the circumstances may be.

I am super excited to be a part of the Lumos youth ministry here at Lighthouse, since I was saved under this ministry and grew in my love and fear of the Lord during my time there (and continue to do so after graduating). I desire and pray that God will save the souls of these youth at an early age, that they may serve Him with vigor and passion while being a student, all for God’s glory.